School Memento

This week, my lovely neighbour Tara asked me to make a pillow cover for her son’s primary school graduation using his school uniform to keep as a souvenir. What a lovely idea ! So here is what I made out of 2 pairs of trousers, a shirt, a jumper, a tracksuit top and a tie :

OL pillow - front

I just about managed to iron out the trousers creases…

OL pillow - back OL pillow - front detail OL pillow - front detail 2

I made this pillow over 2 nights and what took the longest was to figure out the design of the pillow. Once that was done, cutting the fabric was easy. The only challenging part was working with different types of textures – tracksuit material, knit from the jumper, slippery shirt fabric and trouser fabric. I ended up cutting a thin strip of shirt material to put over the knit material to avoid the fabric stretching under the foot of the sewing machine and it worked really well. The final size was 50cm x 50 cm or 20-in x 20in.

If anyone is interested in such a memento for their kids, I would love to make some more. Do email me and we’ll talk ! Lucie has already ordered one for when she graduates from the same school in … 5 years.

~ Catherine

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