Project Ideas



  • Comfortstitching’s pickledish quiltalong – someday when the shop is stocked and when I have no deadline…
  • Sewing curves  (using the curve master)
  • Seeing what all the fuss is around hexagons
  • Being bold with colours (even use yellows and oranges !)
  • Quilting beyond stipling (McTavishing, Leah Day, etc.)
  • Playing with EQ7
  • Trying a Wonky 9-patch from Oh Fransson
  • Trying a Mosaic quilt or Kitchen Windows
  • Making a Zig Zag quilt top or back
  • Using a piece of Donegal Tweed as the background for a quilt
  • Making a frayed-edge quilt using fleece


  • Denim rug
  • Fabric bowl


  • Dresses for Lucie
  • Japanese sewing books
  • Learn to adapt patterns

Photography & Video

  • Learn to use the Canon G10 properly
  • Learn iMovies to edit videos
  • Take better pictures in general and for the blog/etsy in particular

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