My very own banner !

I had been meaning to make one for the last year and I finally did it. I was initially going to use some applique letters,but I am not a a great fan of applique. When I foud this Flickr gallery, I knew I had found the right technique. I choose piecing over applique any day. Here is the result :

I used a selection of blue scraps on a background of linen. Each letter measures 4in x 5in (before sewing). It was actually great fun to make, and Lucie was very taken with it too. She now want something similar with her name and stars, in pink of course ! The plan is now to quilt it with random straight lines and to use a scrappy binding.


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1 Response to My very own banner !

  1. The Modern Home Economist says:

    Looks fantastic! Great job! I am not a huge applique fan either so I love what you have done here.

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