Missed the boat… Finish #1

I had been planning on having this quilt ready in my shop on time for Valentine’s day but hey, I am only 2 weeks out….

Orange heart - finished

This a lovely child quilt or lap quilt. I tried taking shots of the process along the way but my little furry friend photobombed each shot…

It started with strips of orange fabrics.

Orange Heart - strips

Then the strips are cut into bars of squares and are assembled.

Orange Heart - Assembly

Onto the basting step, with Daisy doing a thorough inspection.

Orange Heart - QA1

And a final smooooothing of the top.

Orange Heart - QA2

I quilted this piece using some Sulky variegated thread (orange / yellow) and I love the results. The variegated thread adds a bit more interest. And the horizontal lines are growing on me too.

Orange Heart - thread

I love this little quilt. It is the first of a series, there is a pink one and a red one coming soon after it.

~ Catherine

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5 Responses to Missed the boat… Finish #1

  1. love the colour combo

  2. Hollytron says:

    Haha! I love that your cat has photo bombed each stage of the production! Such a diva ❤
    And it's a beautiful quilt! 🙂

  3. Catherine I like very much your Quilt but your assistant is really helpful..it looks tired , exhausted I have to say !! LOL

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