iPad and iPad Mini Covers

I have been preparing for a Christmas market for the last week and have been making tons of iPad and iPad Mini covers.  I updated last year’s design by adding a little zippered pocket (using the technique used here) to store earbuds or charging cables.

There will also be Kindle covers using the same fabrics but without the front pocket.

All of these are now in my Etsy shop.

~ Catherine

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2 Responses to iPad and iPad Mini Covers

  1. diggingypsys says:

    How much are these if I bought 10 ?

    • Hi Diggingypsy,

      Thank you so much for your interest !
      For ipad mini covers, I could make them for €16 / $20 a piece if you wanted to buy 10 of them.
      I would have to make them from scratch and could have them ready by the week of 15th Dec.
      Did you have a particular preference for designs ?

      All the best


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