What is warmer than a fleece blanket ?

A double fleece blanket of course ! I have had this project in mind for a while and I finally did it the other week.

I have always liked raw-edge quilts and I made a couple a few years ago using recycled jeans and a series of brown fabrics. I always wanted to see what a fleecy raw-edge would look like.  After cutting up a dark blue, a light blue and a white fleece blanket into 6-in squares, I paired two squares of different colors and assembled them randomly into a quilt.

And the finished product :

This is now a firm favourite for naptime on the couch !

The only problem with this quilt is that I should have used another two blankets at least to make the finished quilt longer. It is fine for a small child but a bit shorter for adults.

If you are contemplating making a raw-edge quilt, don’t even start until you have got your hands on these essential tools :

These two scissors by Fiskars are spring-loaded, so that you don’t need to strain your hand to open the blades before cutting again like you would with regular scissors. They also have the advantage of being very sharp at the tip of the blade, which is just what you need to make the little cuts along the seams.

~ Catherine

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2 Responses to What is warmer than a fleece blanket ?

  1. Helen says:

    this is such a great piece! I have tonnes of fleece in the house, I think i’ll give this a go! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks, Helen. What I forgot to mention is that given the nature of the fabric, you need to use a 1/2 inch seam allowance with fleece. A 1/4 inch makes it too awkward to cut. All the best with your fleecy project !

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