I am back !

The Summer had been busy and I can’t believe this is my first post since June ! The routine is back and I am now working on finishing all the quilts that I started earlier this year. And there are a few ! First up is the Google quilt for Hubby. This was a great way to get 25 t-shirts out of my presses.

Daisy seems to like it too.

The back is very simple, indigo and Chinese red Kona cotton side by side.

This quilt ended up a little heavier than the regular quilts made from quilting weight fabrics because of the amount of jersey used. The jersey fabric made it a little trickier to quilt as well as it was very easy to distort. Even though every t-shirt cutout was framed with regular fabric, it was still easily stretched. I tried to prevent that by using more basting spray than usual but I still had to be extra careful to keep the fabric nice and flat under the needle.

Another issue came up on the heavily printed areas of the t-shirts. The surface was quite rubbery, causing the free motion foot to catch and the thread to break repeatedly. I wasn’t quite sure what thread to use for the quilting and toyed with the idea of using the big spool of Aurifil transparent thread I got a while back. I tried it with my Pfaff GrandQuilter and the thread kept breaking, so I gave up fairly quickly.  I must try it with my other Pfaff to see if it works better. Anyway, I am glad this quilt is finished !

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3 Responses to I am back !

  1. Anneliese says:

    Amazing! I am so happy that mine does not have 25 google shirts. I am sure he would love the idea!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Did you use batting? I am considering making a T Shirt quilt for someone who just lost their Mom. She had a bag with (feminine) T Shirt fabrics marked “for Quilt”. But I’ve never made one before. Sooooo, any hints??

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