The Garden Quilt

I am still here, still quilting, I just haven’t blogged in a while. This year seems to be marked by serial “startitis” ! I just surveyed the quilt tops currently awaiting quilting and got up to… seven ! That my longest queue of UFOs ever !

The latest quilt top I made, for a single bed, got me out of my usual colours. It is my first green quilt ! I don’t usually go for green, I don’t know why. It usually features in my rainbow-themed quilts but that’s about it. I had just organised my stash and this big pile of green fabrics was looking at me funny…  This is when I came across this Moda Bake Shop pattern and just went for it.

Nice and fresh !

One of the things that kept me away from blogging was the construction work of a new shed at the end of our garden. In the process, I lost the clothes line I used to use to photograph my quilts but I gained a new wall with nails I can hang my quilts from :

All I need now is a set of nails slightly higher up, closer to the roof, so that the quilts don’t touch the floor !

~ Catherine

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1 Response to The Garden Quilt

  1. Karen says:

    I love your Garden Quilt, green is my favourite colour!

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