Stepping stones to dreams Quilt

I am not very good at naming my quilts and I usually don’t bother, but this quilt was created specifically for my friend Olivier‘s The Alchemist’s Chamber art exhibition. So it did needed a title. Thankfully Olivier has a lot more experience in finding titles for pieces, so he was a great help.

The exhibition is running until 4pm on Sunday 18th December at Filmbase on Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. If you are around, do go and check it out.

I just realized that I haven’t yet posted pictures of the finished quilt, so here they are :

The shape behind the quilt is Hubby trying to hold up the quilt against the wind. And here it is on our bed (the quilt, not the hubby) :

It is really hard to see the detail of the quilt top as it uses about 30 different cream fabrics in a disappearing nine patch pattern. Here is a picture taken during the assembly of the top :

A rather nice way of assembling 896 pieces of fabrics I thought !

~ Catherine

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