Off to the Christmas Market tomorrow!

How exciting ! I am taking part in the Christmas market at Hubby’s workplace tomorrow. It will be my first market !

I am planning to bring a number of quilts and a few smaller items. I have spent the last 10 days working like a demon to build up a bit of stock :

These two types of crayon carriers are using the pattern created by Victoria Lindsay of Gingercake. They are very neat and easy to follow. I think that every friend of Lucie’s is going to get one of these for their next birthday !

It was also the occasion to use the  new American Jane Magic Beans fabrics from the Fairy Tale Friends collection. I love the red and black ones, and they work especially well with small items like these.

Taggy blankets, Kindle, IPad and phone sleeves, as well as the scotties, pincushions and placemats I made earlier in the year.

Just a pity Hubby won’t see my stand as he is away on business! Must remember to take pictures…

~ Catherine

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3 Responses to Off to the Christmas Market tomorrow!

  1. Tugce says:

    Hi Catherine, loved all your items at our Christmas market. Your stand was colourful and lovely. I was wondering if it would be possible to order Kindle sleeves that a new small version would fit in along with a phone sleeve. Thanks

  2. Nussbaumer says:

    Hé ben dis donc, tu as bossé dur. C’est super tout ce que tu fais. Meilleurs voeux à toute la famille. Gros bisous. Evelyne et Gilles

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