2 more quilts completed this week : 2 big zig zag quilts !

This has been the busiest week in terms of quilt completion so far. 5 in one week, that’s a record ! Here are the last two – 2 versions of the Big Zig Zag quilt.

The small one uses high loft polyester batting and the large one cotton batting. The polyester backing gives it more texture but is harder to work with. I prefer the way the cotton batting drapes though.

I love the optical illusion where the squares seem to veer to the top right-hand corner of the quilt when they are all perfectly aligned vertically on the right-hand side !

The binding is scrappy for both quilts.

Both quilts are now in my shop. Now that the decks are cleared, I can concentrate on my next commission. My friend Olivier Cornet from Olliart is organising an art show in December on the theme the Alchemist’s chamber. He has kindly asked me to make a quilt for the event to accompany a headboard painted by one of his artists. If you happen to be in Dublin in December, do drop by the gallery. More on this quilt soon.

~ Catherine

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3 Responses to 2 more quilts completed this week : 2 big zig zag quilts !

  1. These are just gorgeous, love the zig zags and the backing is just fab!

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