WIP – Big Zig Zag Quilts

Earlier this year I made this quilt as a wedding present for my cousin.

This picture then was pinned on Pinterest and has since been re-pinned many many times. It’s funny, it was the quilt I probably liked the least among all my creations but it has since grown on me. It was my first extensive use of yellows and oranges, way out of my comfort zone. I am now making two smaller versions of this king-size quilt : the smaller version 50in x 50in and the larger 70in x 70in.

And for the back, I auditioned a few orange prints.

These zig zags are really fun to make ! For these quilts, I have been tracking closely the time taking for each activity. I will share this at a later stage once the quilts are finished.

If you are interested in my boards on Pinterest, you can follow me here. I really must get around to adding a Pinterest button to my blog !

~ Catherine

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