I have had my eye on Denyse Schmidt’s  Scotties for a while and I finally had a go… again and again ! I ended up with this pack of Scotties :

They are very addictive once you start !

As I am not very good at aligning squares properly, I used a method I found on a blog a while back (sorry I can’t find the original reference any more) that consists in placing all your squares onto a piece of fusible stabiliser and then in folding and sewing along all the lines for perfect alignment. It looks like this :

Once all the seams in one direction are sewn, cut a sliver of fabric and stabilizer along each seam and iron the seams open.

Then sew the seams in the other direction and repeat the cutting and ironing open.

This is what the back looks like :

And here is the front. I got much better results this way than if I had tried to piece the 27 squares”freehand”.

At this stage, once you have the 2 sides of the scottie ready, place them right sides facing each other and trim the edges if necessary to make sure both sides are identical. If the outline of one sides is longer than the other, you end up with a very distorted little scottie – look at the red one as an example of what NOT to do !

Then sew the side strip to one side of the scottie.

Then sew the other side according to the instructions.

Turn the scottie inside out, push out the corners to make sure they are pointy and stuff before closing the opening. Repeat in a different colour scheme !

At the end of all that, the Scotties are now out of my system !

~ Catherine

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3 Responses to Scotties

  1. Kim C says:

    Great tut! I have to try them! I have Westies! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Katy says:

    Very cool wee dugs, and thanks for the tips on the multitudinous piecing :o)

  3. These dogs are so cute. I have the pattern but just haven’t gotten around to making one. Maybe this tutorial will do the trick to get me moving on it.
    Thanks, Etty

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