Crafting with a new medium : ice cream

Our Lucie turned 4 last week and like a lot of little girls her age, she is mad into princesses and fairies. So for her birthday cake, I decided to get her a castle cake. I searched the websites of the various Dublin-based cake companies and was not very impressed with their castles. The only one I liked  was said to feed 120 people ! We were only going to be 16 ! I then decided to try and make one myself, not out of sponge but out of ice cream. Well, not quite ice cream but a mix of crushed meringues, whipped cream and pureed strawberries.

I selected a couple of Tupperware containers and plastic glasses that would give me the shapes I would need for my castle. I filled the containers with the ice cream mix and put them in the freezer until they set. Once ready, I took the ice cream shapes out of the containers and painted them with cream to get a smooth white color on the outside, hiding the red shade of the strawberries.  If the outside of the shapes has holes due to air bubbles getting trapped while the ice cream was freezing, just fill them with a little whipped cream as it will freeze instantly. I then put all the shapes back in the freezer until it was time to assemble the pieces before serving the cake. A couple of cones, light wafer biscuits, marshmallows and pink sugar crystals later, here it is :

Not bad for a first attempt … and delicious !


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1 Response to Crafting with a new medium : ice cream

  1. That’s glorious! I love it and it looks delish! I once made a Halloween cake out of brownies, a rainbow cake out of a bundt pan, and once I used chocolate kisses to spell out the Happy Birthday! Kids love it so much when you make it yourself. Good for you!

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