Back in business !

I am now back in business after 3 weeks in France and I have a lot of project ideas in my head ! I blame Pinterest for them ! My Pinterest addiction is as strong as ever…

Waiting for me when I got back was my fabric pack from Cindy’s Japanese Fabric Swap :

How cute are they ? All I need now is to find something to do with them… Thank you Cindy for organizing the swap.

Just before leaving, I searched Ebay for different styles of bandanas for a couple of projects and these packages were also waiting for me. As a quick fix, I made a white tablecloth for Lucie’s upcoming birthday party :

I also washed the mountain of navy bandanas for the next project :

More on this one soon.

And I couldn’t spend 3 weeks without making something, so I experimented with indigo dying – what a lot of fun that was ! Lots more on this soon too.


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6 Responses to Back in business !

  1. funkysmama says:

    LOVE the Japanese fabrics, and the white bandana tablecloth is a fantastic idea. I may need to steal it, in fact…

  2. Dermot says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Derrick says:

    Can I buy one of these blue bandana quilts from you

  4. DGY X3 says:

    hey can I buy a blue bandana quilts from you, i love blue bandanas!!!

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