Crochet Stones

I have been a great admirer of collections of crochet stones found here, here or here and couldn’t wait to have a go myself. Only I hate crochet ! My granny taught me when I was small but I never took to it. I much preferred knitting and later on sewing and quilting. But I liked these stones so much that I was willing to give it another try. Until I had an idea to get out of the crochet bit!

This is the result :

Check out this tutorial to find out how I did it !


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3 Responses to Crochet Stones

  1. Yuko says:

    Hi Catherine!
    These are lovely!
    I saw the tutorial & thought ‘This is a great idea!’ though I love crocheting and should make my own doilies ;-))

    I also enjoy looking at your beautiful quilts.
    You are so good at crafts!

    And the timber bowl is beautiful, too.

    • Thank you Yuko! I may have another go at crocheting in a while, I won’t be defeated šŸ™‚
      Do you have any pictures of your work on the web ?
      Take care

      • Yuko says:

        I haven’t put any work on the web. Having said that, I may have put a few things on Facebook. I may do it in future when I’m confident enough.

        Talk to you soon!

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