Happy Find !

I was clearing out the spare room yesterday to make space for Hubby’s ever growing collection of archery gadgets and I found these :

These two paper-piecing patterns are dated 1995… I had completely forgotten about them as they were hidden among some folders on a shelf! When I found them, my first thought was : What was I thinking ? This is so different from the quilting I am used to and is likely to take a long time to make ! But I warmed up to them gradually and they could actually make quite nice scrap-busting quilts to keep as a background project. Hmmm… I must think about it some more, but this has unexpected potential indeed.

The other thing I found is this : one-inch squares of fabric samples dating back to a pre-internet era when fabric shops didn’t have sophisticated online shops. Another very timely find, as these will make very nice little hexagons !

What other hidden treasures will I find on my shelves ?


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