UFO inventory – April 2011

Like many crafters out there, I start projects faster than I can finish them. This means that my pile of UFOs gets bigger and bigger ! Now is time to take stock :

  • Sashiko quilt

This quilt top is finished and has been for about 5 years and needs to be quilted.

  • Brown Sashiko table runner

This project was to be a 1.5m-long table runner for my dining table but given how slow progress is, I may reconsider. The ends of each line need to be cut and tied in the back of the fabric.  It is quite wasteful on the Gutermann Topstitch I use in the bobbin as about half of each spool gets wasted in order to tie the line ends properly. It may mutate into a smaller wall hanging.

  • Patchwork Scottie

This little cream Scottie follows Denyse Schmidt’s pattern here. I should be able to finish it quickly if I put my mind to it.

  • Order to Chaos quilt

I started this single-bed quilt earlier this year but got a bit frustrated with it. In the top rows, the blocks are aligned perfectly straight and towards the bottom, more blocks become wonky as they reach the bottom of the quilt. Joining the straight blocks section with the wonky blocks section is proving a bit problematic, so I put it aside to work on something else.

  • Dr Seuss Character Quilt

Lucie is  a great fan of all of Dr Seuss’s stories and I love the Dr Seuss fabric that came out earlier this year. I have been cutting up the red stripey fabric into its individual characters and I have been framing each of them into each of the primary colours used in the book illustrations. I have enough of these blocks for a big single-bed quilt. I parked this quilt waiting for a bolt of white Kona cotton. It is here now so no excuse !

  • Shwe Shwe Quilt 2

This one will be for the shop and just need to be quilted.

  • Zig Zag Quilt

This is my first zig-zag quilt. This is the project I am currently working on as it has a deadline attached to it… but it’s a secret for the moment.

  • Layer cake hexagon quilt

Bar Harbour layer cake by Minick and Simpson for Moda turned into big hexagons. I am not sure I like the layout, I may shuffle things a bit for a more random look…

These are all the projects that I started but the list of projects I would like to start is even longer… more on it soon. Time to get stitching !


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8 Responses to UFO inventory – April 2011

  1. What kind of quilting can be/should be done on the blue sashinko top? I’ve been planning some sashinko stitches in a very wide border but since I’ve never done these stitches before, I’m in a quandry as to how to quilt it (should it ever get done).

    • Hi Shelley,
      My plan is to machine sew simple straight lines in the sashing around the sashiko panel. I basically want the quilting to fade into the background to highlight the Sashiko panels – a little bit like in my first Shwe Shwe quilt.
      As to using Sashiko stitches as a quilting method, it would probably work using the machine method but I would expect that doing any sort of hand Sashiko stitches would be quite hard due to the thickness of the quilt sandwich. This thickness would probably increase the size of the stitches and possibly make them irregular, so I don’t think I would consider it myself. But I am not an expert… Good luck !

  2. Shannon says:

    The shwe shwe quilt is gorgeous….love the Seuss work as well….
    Happy Easter from south Africa!

    • Hi Shannon,
      Thank you and Happy Easter to you too !
      I have actually bought a couple of types of carded buttons from Button Mad at a craft fair in France last year. Isn’t the world really small ? I have added a link to Button Mad in my About me page for future reference.
      All the best

  3. I really enjoyed seeing all your projects, especially the Sashiko quilt and table runner. This is a new type of quilting that I’m very interested in. Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you Etty. I have been a fan of Sashiko for a long time now. The book that got me started is Mary Parker’s Sashiko (see My Craft Library section). It is a great introduction to machine Sashiko. I have done mostly machine work so far but will start some hand work soon. Watch this space !

  4. Deb Pflager says:

    Your quilts are so inspiring!! I love Rainbow Windows! Today is the first day I have read your blog…but I will be back. You have great style!


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