A blue day…

Definitely a blue day !  I received  my latest package from one of my favourite fabric shops (I needed a bolt of Kona indigo and they happened to have a sale on Tonga batiks I couldn’t resist…) and proceeded to wash all the incoming fabric. Here is the blue load taking advantage of a lovely afternoon in Dublin :

Today I also finished the Diamond Shwe Shwe quilt top :

And while we are talking about blue, I have just fished out a long-standing UFO. I give you my labour of love, my Sashiko quilt top :

This quilt top was completed over 5 years ago and I am not sure how long it took me to make it. Each panel is stitched by machine, using a cream Gutermann top stitch thread in the bobbin. It is a pity to keep it hidden in a box so it’s time to complete the quilt. More on it soon. I had forgotten how much I like Sashiko patterns…


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1 Response to A blue day…

  1. Your shaiko quilt is truly awesome – I love the idea of using top stitch tread in the bobbin to get these effects

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