Organising my workstation

My studio is in the attic. Great for light, bad for wall space ! With my growing fabric stash, I needed to free up some space on the desk and on the fabric shelf. Also, I was wasting a lot of time looking for different tools under the usual mess on my worktable. So to fix all that, I made up a couple of sewing tool organisers hanging directly under the velux for easy reach. And it’s working well ! I can finally find my bits and bobs when I need them !

I used some more leftover denims to match the other denim pieces in the attic. And I rearranged my stash by colour again :

Daisy approves and is now the Keeper of Fabrics !


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4 Responses to Organising my workstation

  1. Albieth Frederique says:

    Ouais ! Tout bien rangé par couleurs !

  2. Hi Catherine!
    Great workspace and I love your little Daisy! I found you today in blogland and will visit soon!
    ♥ Eileen

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