Hexagon Baby Quilt

It’s official, I am hooked on hexagons ! Here is my first baby quilt using 2-inch hexagons, and a matching doll quilt (that I used to experiment first before tacking the baby quilt itself). The baby quilt measures about 100cm x 115cm or 39in x 45in.

And I used my usual Hearts fabric from Ikea for the back :

And here is the doll quilt (40 cm x 55 cm or 15in x 21.5i):

This is my most labour-intensive baby quilt so far given the amount of hand-sewing the hexagons required but it was a fun experiment. It is also the first time I have washed a finished quilt and it was mainly to remove the blue pencil marks I used to trace the quilting lines on the white border. To my great relief, all marking disappeared and the quilts look great with the added crinkles !

This quilt combo will be available shortly in my shop.


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6 Responses to Hexagon Baby Quilt

  1. Great quilts! Love the pink combos of fabric hexies, very pretty. Just found your site while searching Google for ideas for something to make with the (few) hexies I’ve made so far..mine are reds and whites.

    My blog – Sew Ray Me

  2. Thank you Rachael! I love your red and white hexies too !

  3. PattyC says:

    Lovely Quilt !!!

  4. Susan says:

    so cute. im inspired by this to make my own baby quilt. Can you tell me about the size of the hexagons? are they 2 inches across? 2 inches per side? I’m trying to do the math and 2 in across seems way to small for a 39″ wide quilt. THANKS!

  5. Hi Susan, the hexagons I used have 2-inch edges (i.e. 2-inch sides). This is how they measure them in http://www.paperpieces.com. It is a handy size, not too small and yet still fits nicely in the hand. Good luck with your baby quilt !

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