What’s the all the fuss about Hexagons ?

I have seen a lot of bloggers having great fun with hexagons lately and so I have decided to give them a go too. As a first project, I picked 2-inch hexagons, not too small. I also used the scraps from the Order to Chaos quilt (blogged soon), so lots of pinks again to make a girl’s baby quilt.

And yes, I get it ! It has been very enjoyable to work on a project entirely done by hand. And I love the fact that hexes are very portable too! So it’s official, I am hooked too. So much so that I got a couple of smaller-size hexagon packs : 1-in, 1/2-in and 1/4-in :

That should keep me in hexes for the rest of the year !


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1 Response to What’s the all the fuss about Hexagons ?

  1. tubakk says:

    Oh yes, hooked on hexagons, that’s easy. And fun. I have done many hexagon projects. Some of them with the smallest 1/4″, really tiny. You can find some of it in my blog. Greetings from Norway

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