An experiment : Keeping track of incoming fabric using Evernote

In the past year, I have bought some fabric, ok, a LOT of fabric, and I haven’t really kept track of what I bought. To make matters worse, whenever I started cutting into a piece, I usually cut out the selvage containing the name/collection/designer of the fabric (I do keep selvages for some future project though). This means that I wouldn’t be able to name most of the fabrics I have used in the last year. Thankfully nobody has asked for such information yet but I would like to be prepared if somebody asks or if I ever need to find additional yardage of any piece.

To that effect, I am going to keep a record of incoming fabric (before pre-washing) using my trusted memory in the cloud : Evernote. I have been using Evernote extensively for the last year for many purposes : recipes found in magazines, essential info like family insurance details, passport numbers or hoover bag reference numbers… I also record project ideas, fabric wish lists (especially for future releases) and to-do lists for various things. All that information is sync’ed with my iPhone through the Evernote app so everything is available on the go.

The plan is to take a picture of every piece of incoming fabric with my iPhone, to create a note with it in Evernote, recording the details of the fabric, the yardage bought, the year of purchase, its major colours and its shop of origin. That way, I will be able to easily track down info on a piece of fabric. That’s the plan anyway.

So I have just started the process with the shipment from Hancock’s of Paducah that arrived this week. Here is what it looks like in Evernote :

or as a Thumbnail view :

I love Evernote ! I will check back in a few weeks to report on how this tracking is working. And before you ask, no, I will not follow that process for the fabric I bought last year, life is too short ! I won’t really keep track of fabric usage either – too much work !

Do you keep track of your stash ? How ?


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4 Responses to An experiment : Keeping track of incoming fabric using Evernote

  1. oh boy! I need to forget I saw that Evernote site before it sucks a few hours out of my night! LOL Great idea though. I would love a better way to index and source my fabric.

  2. Alia says:

    Hi there! So nice to find you! I will certainly bookmark you and come back to peruse your site! I was googling Rainbow Selvage Quilts and ended up with your site! I was piqued because my BIL insisted I have Evernote what, two years ago and installed it on my iPhone and Mac laptop and I have NEVER used it! Now, I HAVE to use it! I thank you and you might hear from me again if I run into problems, if that is alright!

    All the best,

    Alia in Sunny Muscat, Oman

    • Hi Alia,

      Very nice to meet you ! You are my first subscriber (outside my family that is :-)). Thank you so much !
      Using Evernote to track fabric was a good idea until they released a new version of the iPhone App a couple weeks ago. Since then, I haven’t been able to synchronize any of the fabric pictures taken with the iPhone ! It seems to be a common problem from what I can see in the AppStore but I am going to get on to their Tech Support to get some help on this as I have a large backlog of fabrics I need to track. I will write a new post on this as soon as I get a satisfactory resolution from Evernote. But if you have any question in the meantime, do let me know.
      Thanks again

  3. This looks fantastic, and yet another use for my Evernote account, thank you very much for sharing šŸ™‚

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