Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork – Sept 2010

I had been meaning to visit the Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork (European Patchwork Exhibition) in Alsace, France for many many years but could never make it due to work commitments. So this year, I finally made the trip home just in time for this exhibition and it was well worth it ! I attended 2 days of the 4-day events – the first day was spent going round the dozen of exhibition halls displaying the work of many quilt artists and on the second day, I went back to the most interesting exhibitions and spend some time in the commercial hall browsing for fabrics, books and quilting gadgets.

During my second look at the exhibition organised by Quiltmania, who did I see only Kaffe Fassett ! I have several of his books and it was great to see him in person. That exhibition contained several of the quilts he features in his latest book and it was amazing to see them up close.

Here is a selection of pictures of other fabulous quilts exhibited in other venues. From the Red Star quilt downwards, all quilts were part of an exhibition of amazingly elaborate Japanese quilts.

If you ever happen to be in the East of France in mid-Sept, make sure you visit the Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork for amazing inspiration.


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